Privacy Policy

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The purpose of this privacy policy to make the client aware of what information will be taken from them, how it will be used and stored by Immortal Network and its other partner companies. Immortal Network will be referred to as ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘Immortal Hosting’, ‘Immortal Network Hosting’ or ‘Immortal Network’.

Will the privacy policy ever be updated?

As Immortal Network expands the privacy policy is going to change as there may be a slight modification to the way the service is carried out or if there is a change to the ‘Terms of Service’. If, however any changes are made to the Privacy Policy it will be immediately be updated to the website, so we do suggest that you do check this Policy often so that you are aware of any changes. Along with the correct date of publication at the top of each Policy. Should the change be significant enough, or be required by law, you may be asked to give consent to the subsequent changes. At any stage should you not agree with the Privacy Policy or ‘Terms of Service’ you will be required to close your account with us.

What information we collect and its use

Your Names – By collecting your names we are able to get to know our customer more and make E-mail and other flyers more personalized. We also need to gather this information to put your name onto invoices and other important documents.

Address – This is required by Immortal Network and its partner companies as a form of contact. This will also be added to the invoice.

Phone Number – This is required by Immortal Network and its partner companies as a form of contact.

E-mail address – This is required by Immortal Network and its partner companies as a form of contact to you. This is also the default choice to send invoices to you.

Will Immortal Network need to contact you?

Occasionally we will need to contact you, presenting our latest offers that we feel will help you in the long run. We may also need to contact you regarding changes to the Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy.

Will Immortal Network share my personal information?

Immortal Network does not sell on or ‘rent out’ your personal information. Once a contract has been started, your information will be collected and from there on only be accessed when needed. Although Immortal Network does not share your personal information, it is required that we share it with our service providers who manage the data on behalf of Immortal Network, complete outstanding payments and send invoices etc. Immortal Network has to share your data with resellers in order to achieve accuracy in the payment.

Breaking Terms of Service clauses

Should we find out that any of the Terms of Service clauses have been broken then this will result in an immediate termination of your contract with Immortal Network without a refund. Secondly, we reserve the right to investigate anything that may seen to be illegal and the appropriate action will be taken.

Where is all of my data stored?

All of your data is secure and in datacenters around the world and are manned at all times of day to ensure efficiency and security. Am I able to access/correct data that the company holds about me?

How secure is my data?

Immortal Network is dedicated to keeping your information private. The data centres are secured, manned, monitored and guarded throughout the day.

Information Deletion

Your information is deleted once you have shutdown your account. Once you have done this, it is then deleted from our servers and can no longer be accessed.

What will happen if Immortal Network shutdown my account?

If Immortal Network shuts down your account due to a Terms of Service violation, you will receive an E-mail saying when you will be able to open up another account.

Contact Us

You can contact us by opening a support ticket, or emailing: [emailprotected]